*Please note that you must be registered before placing bids*

  • Start on homepage,
  • Go to any live auction, follow the steps under our “How to View Auction” tutorial if you need help
  • Find an item that you are interested in bidding on
  • Take a look at the 3rd to last column titled “Next Required Bid”; this amount reflects the minimum bid amount that is required.

  • Under the second to last column titled “Your Bid,” place a bid amount that is equivalent to or higher than the “Next Bid Required.” Make sure to type the amount as $$.00 or $$ with no decimal point or zero after. *Note* The system will not add a decimal point for you so please be careful when typing in the amount you are bidding

  • If you would like to put the maximum amount you are willing to pay or an item, put that amount in the last column titled “Your Maximum”
    • If you opt to do this, bids will automatically be placed for you up to the amount you specified. If you wish to continue to bid once it passes your maximum amount, repeat the steps above

  • You do have the option to place multiple bids at the same time, place the bids on several items using the method above

  • Once finished placing bids, scroll down to the bottom of the page
    • Put your bidder # and password in the given fields and click “Submit Bids”

  • Check the box next to “I agree to abide the terms and conditions of this auction”


  • It is important to please review your bid(s) making sure that all amounts are correct
  • Once done revising, click “Submit Bids”
    • If you have been outbid on an item, you will receive an email except on closing day!
    • You will be redirected to the auction page. If someone has outbid you as soon as you submit a bid, a dialog box will appear at the top of the page once you have been redirected stating you have been outbid and the item number


If you have any questions on how to place a bid, incorrect bids, etc., feel free to call us at 805-535-4485 or email us at

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