Pinterest Tutorial

We are so excited for you guys to use this Pinterest feature!

The Pinterest Browser Button allows you to see more images of the items we have on our auctions. It even shows you similar items as well!

We hope this feature gets you a better look at the amazing items we have on our site.

In order to use this feature, you need a Pinterest account and need to be logged in on a desktop/laptop. Don’t have an account? Don’t worry it is an easy process.

-Click here to create a Pinterest Account-

Also, please enable pop-ups from Pinterest in order for the feature to download properly.

For new users, you will go through a couple of questions about your interests and then you will arrive at this 3rd step.

This is to get the browser button (your new best friend)

Click “Get it now” and the pop-up  will appear on the top left.

Click on “Add”. This takes several seconds.

For those that are Pinterest Vets, simply log in and the pop up should appear.

If not, click here to add the browser button now


Once complete, it will take you to a confirmation page. And that is the end of the download process! Easy, right?

Now it is time to have some fun!

Visit and go on any live auction.

For this tutorial, we are going to use two examples.

First, we will use a couch, item 107.

Click on the item, and you will get to the following page.

Notice the two icons at the top of the item’s image. This is the browser button feature. The red “Save” button on the left pins the image (along with the link) to your board on Pinterest. The icon on the right takes you to see more images of the item on Pinterest. Click this icon, and the image below is what you will see!

Not only does it show the same exact sofa, it has similar items as well!


Let’s try a different item… Follow the same process of selecting an item, then clicking the top right icon.

It will take you directly to Pinterest and show related images.

Not the item on our auction?

Don’t worry! All you need to do is fix the perspective. The system focuses on what is within the boundaries. Anything in grey is not being recognized. You just need to expand this area.

Drag the corners all the way out to make sure the whole item is within the white square.

Once you do that, the correct items should pop up!


You can do this for any of the items on our auctions!

This way you can get a better view of the items we have on our site.

If you have any questions or need help with this feature, please feel free to call us at 805-535-4485 or email us at

Have fun!

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