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[accordion_father active=”0″][accordion_son size=”24″ title=”What is the Premium?”]The premium you see on your invoice is 10% of the bid total. The premium is in place for administrative and labor fees. Those that are tax-exempt are not exempt from the premium.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”24″ title=”What happens if I don’t pick up my merchandise?”]Bidders are allowed 2 abandoned auctions. An abandoned auction is one that was not picked up and/or not paid for within the specified time frame. If a bidder has a minimum of 2 abandoned auctions, the account will be blocked and placed on a 6 month probation. Once the probation has been fulfilled, bidders can contact us via phone or email in order to have their account reviewed and reinstated. The abandonment date for an auction is provided on your invoice and in the details section for an auction.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”24″ title=”How do I make an appointment to pick up my merchandise?”]Please call our office at 805-535-4485 in order to book an appointment. Please refer to your invoice and auction details for pick-up dates, times, and abandonment date as well.[/accordion_son][accordion_son size=”24″ title=”What if I change my mind, can I delete my bid?”]Unfortunately bidders do not have the option to delete prior bids. All bids placed on our site are final. Please make sure to review all bids before submitting them and don’t forget to add decimal points![/accordion_son][/accordion_father]